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What Are the Different Types of Massage Therapy?

person getting a shoulder massageAt Tamar Chiropractic, we provide many types of massage and therapies that are customised to each patient’s needs. Most of our therapists offer all types of massage, except Fred, who performs integrative cupping.

Here’s a look at our massage offerings:

Deep tissue

Considered the most commonly used type of massage, this remedial style massage goes into the deeper levels of all the muscle layers. Deep tissue massage can reduce stress, relieve pain, increase range of motion and more.

Integrative cupping

This therapy is different from traditional Chinese cupping, in that integrative cupping uses silicon cups that are less aggravating to the body than the traditional ones utilised. The cups are moved along the fascia folds on the muscles, which will help break up fascial adhesions.

Lymphatic drainage

As a light style of massage that feels like a relaxation massage, lymphatic drainage is targeted at restoring the correct lymphatic drainage in the body. It’s particularly beneficial for people with edema, which is swelling.

Many patients who come for lymphatic drainage are pregnant. But we also see many people with swelling due to cancer treatments or any type of surgery. These patients find that the swelling isn’t going away naturally from their legs, arms or other areas of the body. Lymphatic drainage can help.

Sports massage

Because many athletes spend a lot of time training, they don’t have a chance to rest, to allow their muscles to repair from different micro tears. Every time we exercise, we cause a small amount of micro tears in our muscle fibers, which then attract some element of inflammation. Sports massage uses long strokes with a lot of stretching and movement of the limbs to aid the body’s natural ability to recover from exercise injury.

Trigger point therapy

Similar to deep tissue, this specific massage focuses on locating knots or trigger points. Many trigger points have referral pain. For example, a patient may say their pain is coming from their shoulder, but it’s actually radiating down their arm. We find the trigger point in the shoulder area, release it, and then the arm pain goes away.

Which Type of Massage Is Right for Me?

After gathering your history that you’ll fill out on a new patient intake form, we spend a lot of time going through everything to formulate a clinical impression. Then we can choose the modality that we believe would be most helpful to you. We may start with a deep tissue massage, but if you find that uncomfortable, you can request a different type. We will accommodate your preferences. Find out more about what you can expect here >>

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