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Disc Injury Care

woman in gray shirt holding lower backDisc injuries are a common condition that we encounter daily at Tamar Chiropractic. They can take various forms, like disc protrusion, sequestration (where a small amount of disc breaks loose) or disc bulge. Each of these conditions presents a unique challenge.

The Role of Conservative Chiropractic Care

Our practice believes in the power of conservative care, so we recommend chiropractic as the first port of call. Chiropractic adjustments may help restore proper motion and position of malfunctioning spinal bones. By addressing these bones before permanent damage occurs, disc tissue may return to a more normal size and shape.

Recognising When Surgery Might Be Necessary

However, certain cases might necessitate surgery. Complex or chronic cases are examples to note here. Sometimes, when chiropractic care isn’t adequate or appropriate, surgery may be needed. This is most relevant when there are red flags such as loss of motor control, bowel or bladder control. In such circumstances, a specialist referral is necessary to prevent irreversible damage.

Debunking Myths Around Disc Injury and Back Pain

Lastly, there are several misconceptions about disc injuries and back pain. For instance, some individuals believe that arthritis in the spine should remain untouched. However, just like untreated rust spreading under paint, leaving arthritis untreated might worsen the condition. Contrary to the misconception, joint disease responds well to care, thus curbing its spread and deterioration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are disc issues just a part of getting older?

Not necessarily. While it’s true that some disc issues can stem from prolonged neglect, it’s not uncommon for symptoms to remain dormant until the condition has significantly progressed. However, numerous seniors who have consistently cared for their spine throughout their lives have excellent spinal health and functionality.

Can chiropractic care help me avoid surgery?

It might, but it depends on the severity of your disc condition. We believe it’s prudent to consider chiropractic care initially since it offers a natural and noninvasive approach.

Ready to Take the First Step?

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