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Winter Hydration Thoughts from Dr Ian

Woman enjoying coffeeIt’s cold and water from the tap isn’t always appealing. Here are a few of my favourites for hydrating without caffeinating during winter.

Coffee – Oh, wait a minute…

Bone broth – This can be made at home or purchased. The health food store has a number of great organic, grass-fed options. A spoonful in hot water can be delightful. Added benefits are it’s a great source of calcium, magnesium, collagen and may also aid gut health.

Herbal tea – Lots of varieties with lots of varying benefits, from evening calming down, to digestive system soothing. It’s water with flavour without diuretic caffeine.

Hot water with lemon – It just tastes nice.

Miso – Like bone broth, a spoonful in hot water is delicious. Soy can be controversial but regardless, it’s delightful.

Do you have a favourite? Please let me know!

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