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Integrative Health at Tamar Chiropractic

Natural supplementsModern society has benefited greatly from advances in medicine and hygiene that have rendered various diseases of old basically obsolete. However, problems of old have been replaced with a swathe of new issues. Many people are feeling tired all the time, have frequent headaches, often feel bloated, and are anxious a lot for no reason at all.

It is common these days to rely on pharmaceuticals to manage our health conditions, but never really heal.

Today’s lifestyle can result in people having key deficiencies in nutrients that help their bodies to work properly and stay healthy. Food itself is often nutrient poor and can be loaded with toxic, inflammatory ingredients. Gut issues can limit adequate nutrient absorption (even if the food is of high quality), while actually facilitating toxin production. Add to this the toxins we may be regularly exposed to without being aware, such as chemicals in personal care products, around the home, as well as in the car and work environments.

How Integrative Medicine Can Help

Integrative Health or Functional Medicine, is an approach to western medicine that focuses on treating health problems with both general and targeted natural methods. The aim is to reverse nutrient deficiencies and minimise toxins in the body, to restore you to optimum function. It is practiced by medical doctors with extra training in these areas.

Integrative Health GPs take the time to hear your story thoroughly. They arrange various tests (such as blood, stool and urine) and formulate a tailored plan to help you reach your health goals. Treatment can involve diet modification, specific supplement prescriptions and lifestyle changes. Nutrient deficiencies, toxic exposures, stress sources and sleep problems can all be identified and addressed.

If you have battled with poor health and can never get better, or you just want to feel your physical and mental best, you can find real help seeing a Integrative Health GPs. Why put it off? Contact our practice today to learn more about how we can help you.


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