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Meet Dr Venice Pang, Chiropractor

Dr. Venice PangDr. Venice completed her Bachelor’s and Master of Chiropractic Science Degree at Macquarie University, Sydney, in 2018. During her university years, she served as the secretary of the World Congress of Chiropractic Students, Macquarie chapter. Venice holds a deep interest in neuromusculoskeletal health and finds fulfillment in enhancing patients’ quality of life, and enabling them to maintain their daily routines and hobbies.


Driven by a commitment to ongoing excellence, Venice consistently updates her knowledge through seminars and recent publications, and providing patients with cutting-edge treatment options. Not only is she a skilled manual adjuster, but she also offers gentle techniques like activators and pelvic block, along with dry needling treatment. In addition to passive treatments, she advocates for rehabilitative exercises to restore the body to its optimum capacity.

Originally from Malaysia, Venice is fluent in English and Chinese, with proficiency in Malay and Cantonese. Her determination led her to move alone to Australia to pursue her ambition of becoming a chiropractor. Coming from a small town, Venice embraces and celebrates the lifestyle and culture of Launceston. She emphasises the benefits of exercise for general well-being, expressing her love for home workouts and a passion for bushwalking, exploring the beauty of Launceston

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